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BARBARA RODEN was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1963, and now lives 200 miles northeast of that city, in the heart of cattle ranching country. Since 1994 she has been joint editor of All Hallows, the journal of the Ghost Story Society, and in that same year co-founded, with her husband Christopher, Ash-Tree Press. She is a World Fantasy Award-winning editor and publisher and has, since 2004, been turning her hand to writing: her story 'Northwest Passage' was nominated for the World Fantasy, Stoker, and International Horror Guild Awards, and appeared in two 'Year's Best' anthologies.

Publisher's  Weekly has described her work as 'eloquent' and 'a standout'.

Barbara enjoys reading her stories, too, and you can hear her reading 'The Wide, Wide Sea' at

Barbara also reads her own story 'Endless Night', 'Smee' by A.M. Burrage, 'A Christmas Mystery' by Rosemary Timperley, and 'Blind Man's Buff' by H. R. Wakefield at the Ghost Story Society's Podcast site. You can also hear her in World Fantasy Convention Panel Discussions in Podcasts at the same site.